Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Attack last night. Bobcat maybe or what?

Attack last night Bobcat maybe or what?

I will see what you guys think came into my yard.

I came within a few seconds of loosing my best brood Kelso last night. I just happened to be awake at 3 o'clock this morning when I herd him screaming. I didn't know what chicken it was until I got up there (I was running and hollering to scare whatever it was off). Anyway whatever it was was able to actually move the brood pen (30lbs) or so but it did almost what a coon would do because it reached in and tried to pull him out.

I don't suspect a coon because from my understanding and past times coons will attack the head rip it off eat the neck etc and leave the rest behind. and the fact that the pen was moved. This thing grabbed it through the fence by the tail and pulled all the the tail feathers out of him trying to pull him through. Another reason I don't think its a coon is because we have lost 2 ducks over the last 4 nights (every other night thing) There is no trace of the ducks carcasses etc so its big enough to carry off its prey. Also if it helps any, when I was running up there I had a flashlight and saw something run with green eyes. That's all I could really see were those eyes. I'm not sure what different predators eye colors are. Any help would be appreciated because its coming back and I need to get it. Any ideas on how to get it to would help

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