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Gamefowl Breeds: F. Perry And His Pipe Liners Col. Madigan And His Clarets

Gamefowl Breeds: F. Perry And His Pipe Liners Col. Madigan And His Clarets

Submitted by Irishmuffs

I got this article out of the Aug/Sept 2005 Gamecock Magazine. It was written by O.J. Rea (March 1973)

Frank Perry worked for the Humble Pipe Line Co. at W.Columbia. He raised and fought lots of game cocks before and during the depression. For a number of years he and Slim Bell fought a main in June. Slim had a family of good Roundheads. They never had much trouble in matching because they both had small cocks, from 3:08 to 4:08.

Frank heeled and handled on occasion for Col. Madigan. When an extra good one was shown Frank took him to W.Columbia to freshen him up. He bred to those he liked and Mr. Madigan knew it. On one occasion Frank fed a show of cocks for Madigan. In the lot was a white cock that Col. told Frank to show at 7:04-no more no less. Mr. Madigan failed to get to the fight so Frank matched the white shake at Lee Vanderpool of Galveston and won easily. He remitted him at Goodlett of Egypt and won again. When Frank called to tell about it, Mr. Madigan told him "ship him to me". Tony Raggio of Austin was working for the Col. then and they brought him right back and lost him.

Frank once took two ladies into his cockhouse. One mean old rooster reached out and bit one of them. "That's just like a darned pipe liner-get close to one and he'll pinch you." They had a good laugh over it and that biting rooster was named the "Pipe Liner". Gradually every cock Frank showed was a Pipe liner. They were bred carefully and they were all much alike. They fought just right; struck quick blows and never seemed to overlook an opening. For at least ten years they were definitely the class of the Gulf Coast...............

Read the rest of this article on Frank Perry's Pipe Liners and Col. Madigans Clarets by clicking here.

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