Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Gamefowl Informer

The Gamefowl Informer

All About Animals. Their rights, lives, and needs
Each week we give you the link to an animal rights blog that has caught our attention so you can post a message back to the author regarding their view or topic.

For Your Information
Breeders of gamefowl keep a watchful eye of every activity. However there are certain important things that are over looked. However here are some pointers that may help you determine your fowls health conditions.

Fighting Fowl (a video in slow motion)Isn't it great when you can watch a spar played back in slow motion so you can see every lick thrown and every smart move made? Watch this Bloodsaw stag get after a hatch/radio. Submitted by GamefowlWorld member Bloodsaw

The "Red Tailed Hawk" Chicken Predator
Hawks are carnivores (meat eaters) who belong to the category of birds known as raptors -- birds of prey. They have strong, hooked beaks; their feet have three toes pointed forward and one turned back; and their claws, or talons, are long, curved and very sharp.

New "Sports and the Great Outdoors" forum opens
We are proud to announce the opening of a brand new forum that from the moment it opened has brought about much discussion. Just because we are a gamefowl site does not mean we don't have other areas of interest. Enjoy!

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