Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gamefowl Members Questions

A long drive to a derby?I want to go to a main this January. Its a 5 cock and a big one. I need to be prepared of course. The problem I have is this one is a 15 to 16 hour drive I've never traveled any further than 6 hours with my fowl.

Experimental Breed / BloodlinesHave you ever seen a breed/bloodline, you wanted so bad, but you knew you couldn't have these birds? So, you decided to try and recreate the breed. Or at least as close as....

I'm looking for advice on short knifeI have always been a gaff fighter but I've watched a few short knife fights and now I just have got to try it. But...

What is the best family of greys?
I think the Law grey are the best, I brought this up because the good ole grey birds weren't getting much attention. What do you think?

How often do you check for mites?
How often do you check for mites on your birds? And what do you use for them?


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