Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gamefowlnews Fires Back

Gamefowlnews Fires Back

Below is a letter GFN received from an avid reader and their reply to it..

Just who in the HELL do you people think you are at GFN? In your last GOSSIP TABLOID you said you would NOT endorse ANY relief organization. Who in the HELL cares what you think or ENDORSE!!! Nobody reads your crap anyway!!! There are thousands of dead and dying animals because of this hurricane and some of them are CHICKENS that you cockfighters say you love so much!!! If you wanted to help in anyway you'd report about the good work the SPCA's are doing to save these poor animals!!!

Amber H.

Dear Amber, let's take this one step at a time so your delusional mind can comprehend just what and who GFN is.
First of all GFN is not a "GOSSIP TABLOID". We report the facts and only the facts, Amber.
GFN did not say that we would not endorse ANY relief organization. We said we will NOT endorse any MAJOR relief organization and that we will not RECOMMEND any relief organization. However it has come to light, as of today, that we may endorse a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whom we are in contact with. More on that when we clear all the channels up.
Regarding your statement that "nobody reads your crap anyway", well, you do, and so does the AP (Associated Press). Just ask Mr. Frank David Garcia if anyone reads our "GOSSIP TABLOID", that is if you can find him.
Regarding your statement that we are "cockfighters", you are falling into the same old line that has been drummed into your gray matter for years. Gamefowl does not mean "cockfighters". Gamefowl are any fowl that we hunt down and kill, and then savagely eat them. You can quote us on that.
GFN does support the rights of "cockfighters" to do with their own property as they see fit, as well as ranchers, farmers, fishermen, hunters, and all others who cherish their GOD given right to have dominion over the fowl of the air and the animals on the ground.
Now to your last point regarding the "poor animals" caught up in this disaster known as Hurricane Katrina, GFN suggests, as we have before, that you personally get into your swim suit, made from hemp, and take a long swim past the dead HUMAN bodies to rescue as many wet cats as you can.

Final note, thanks for reading GFN and please tell your ARA friends to join our email list, it's FREE, however donations will be accepted in the future.


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