Thursday, September 08, 2005

Handling Tips For the Gaff

Handling Tips For the Gaff
by Allen Butler

1)After arriving at the club, settling you cocks in and weighing in etc.
go to the pit and look it over very throughly. Look for holes in the ground,
high spots, low spots, anything thing that might cause your cocks a problem. You
want the high ground (Remember it). Look at the lighting: if in a building look
for dark spots or lights glaring that could be in your cocks eyes blinding him.
Get down on your knees and look at it from a rooster's level. If outside always
have the sun to your back. Be first in the pit so you can pick your ground.

2) Always heel your rooster in the same kind of light that he is going
to fight in. Get him to pitside,after heeling, early enough that his eyes will
have time to adjust to that lighting.

3) Now you are in the pit: Do not run around showing your rooster off
by holding him up high or tossing him around for the crowd to see. This upsets
him. Do not allow the other handler to hold his cock over or above yours. This
sometimes will intimidate a cock to the point of him not fighting his best. If
he tries this just turn your rooster away from his. When the ref says to make em
mad watch the other handler real close. You want his bird pecking yours more
than yours pecking his. Makes your bird madder than his and vice versa. Do not
allow him to hold his bird's head for yours to peck! If he tries this simply
walk away and say"mine's mad enough".Carry you an extra cock to the fight just
to be used to make your derby birds mad before you take them to the pit. At the
command of face or flush your roosters
I have seen slick handlers get a gaff in his opponent while facing them off

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