Friday, October 14, 2005

Texas Buttermilk Gamefowl Keep

Texas Buttermilk Gamefowl Keep

Cocks have been wormed, deloused and are at about their fighting weight.
2. Work will be 50 runs each morning, leave in pens during day, or sun coop or scratch pen several hours a day.
3. Work at night will be 30 fly's, feed and water.
4. Work will be the same each day up to Friday night before Sunday fight. Start
cocks working very slow, then speed the work up each day.
5. The 5th and 6th day the cocks should be gentle and working very fast.
6. Weigh cocks each day; any cocks that are losing weight give 2 tablespoons buttermilk on night feed grain. One heaping tablespoon grain mix each cock. For cocks gaining weight give two tablespoons tomato juice on night grain.
7. Morning feed will be 2 tablespoons grain mix up to Friday before fight day on Sunday.
8. Five or six days before fight day spar cocks. Set them close, spar briefly;
after sparring, wash cock's head, inside mouth, legs and feet with witch hazel. No work today.
9. If you fight on Sunday, no work Friday night, just feed, water and leave in stalls.
10. During the
keep, feed cocks only what they eat eagerly, rotate cocks to different pens and stalls each day.

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