Monday, October 24, 2005

This Weeks Gamefowl Informer

This Weeks Gamefowl Informer

South Sound Animal Rights March and Rally
Each week we give you the link to an animal rights blog that has caught our attention so you can post a message back to the author regarding their view or topic.

This blogger say's 'Quote

Be part of Tacoma’s FIRST animal rights march.Come and show your opposition to animal exploitation. Signs will be provided, but feel free to bring additional signs and banners. Also bring drums, didgeridoos, and other instruments and noisemakers.
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Gamefowl Creator of the Traveler Blues
How are you buddies! I am one of your best friends? I'll give or preferably sell you the shirt off my back. That ace cock from last season is yours if you don't mind his eyes having a pronounced grayish cast; he must have been injured in this last fight. If you believe this, you are less informed and observant than you should be.

Fiery Changes Made In The Short Heel Forum
By request of moderator Irishmuffs. JD sat down and figured out a way to take one lone forum called "Cockfighting Short Heel" and implement some nifty changes to create some 28 separate internal sub forums for better navigation in and around that forum.

Common External Parasites in Poultry: Lice and Mites Parasites can be detected on the external surfaces of the body by way of a thorough physical examination. Periodical examination of the flock can help to detect an early infestation and can help to prevent a larger flock outbreak.

Poultry Diseases - Coccidiosis Coccidiosis is one of the more common and costly diseases in poultry. It is characterized by droopiness, paleness of the comb, diarrhea and occasionally blood in the droppings. The death rate may be quite high, both in chicks and in adults.

The Gamefowl World Of Cockfighting


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