Friday, October 21, 2005

The World Of Gamefowl Blows In Like Hurricane Katrina, Wilma & Andrew.

The GamefowlWorld Gamefowl website comes blowing in just hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Andrew and there are no signs of the site slowing down in the future.

Here are some quick links in and around the Gamefowl and Poultry Network

1. Gamefowl and cockfighting hot spots.
The gamefowl world or better known as GFW or is a sister site of and has come blowing in like hurricane Katrina and Wilber. holds 2 very important purposes concerning our ability to promote gamefowl poultry and cockfighting. At poultry world or better know as the Gamefowlworld News: The official site of game fowl news. is our home base for all gamefowl news and cockfighting newsletters sent to our valued subscribers. These gamefowl and cockfighting newsletters are published weekly and available to the public for free. Persons may register to receive the gamefowl news newsletters here. The gamefowl and cockfighting newsletters are also archived and are a part of our public Ezine located here. also serves as a valued link exchange program for all gamefowl, poultry, game bird, cockfighting and hunting sites looking to increase traffic with a free link exchange program. Some of the most popular categories are Gamefowl, Gamefowl Farms, Gamefowl Supplies, Chickens, Old English Games, Show Poultry, Waterfowl, and Nutrition Diseases and Disorders.

There are to many categories to list them all here so we gave you a brief outline for our
gamefowl, cockfighting, poultry and game bird links area.

2. Game Fowl Message Forums ( boards )
At the Gamefowl World Gamefowl Website we have 64 unique gamefowl and cockfighting free message forums ( boards ) tailored to meet any cocker, poultry or fowl enthusiast from novelist to pitmaster. Here is a brief outline of our most popular gamefowl and poultry message forums.
A. The Gamefowl Pit - Just set down, grab a cup of coffee and chat about anything gamefowl related. This is your place for general game fowl discussion.
B. Cockfighting - Short Heel - Welcome short heel enthusiast! This is for all us short heel men and women. For discussion about short knife, postiza, slow heel, natural heel, and short heel gaff.
C. Short Heel Gaff, Short Knife, Postiza, and Natural Heel
D. Gamefowl Keeps - This is for the conditioning of our gamefowl. The Long Knife, Short Knife, Postiza, Peg Awl, Natural Heel, Short, and Long Heel Gaff.
E. Gamefowl & Cockfighting For The Beginner - For those seeking expert opinions and advice regarding gamefowl related issues, this is the place to start. Everyone help each other out.
F. Gamefowl Breeding & Healthcare - Discuss gamefowl and poultry breeding tips, techniques, and give helpful advice to your fellow cockers.
G. Gamefowl Conditioning & Feeding - Discuss gamefowl and poultry conditioning and feeding tips with others hereE. Gamefowl History, Strains & Bloodlines - This is the place to talk about bloodlines. Where did they come from, etc?
H. Gamefowl Classifieds - *Registered Users Only* Post gamefowl and poultry related want ads, for sale, swap or trade in this forum.There are many more gamefowl and poultry message boards on the site this was just a brief outline.

3. free gamefowl poultry and game bird auction.
As far as we know we are the only 100% free to sell and free to buy auction of its kind available on the internet! The gamefowlworld free gamefowl, poultry and game bird auction is open to all persons age 18 or older to buy and sell poultry or game fowl related items.

We also have a zero tolerance policy on fraud and hold strict auction guidelines to help protect ourselves, the seller and winning bidder. Some of our most popular categories are as follows. Chicks & Eggs, Gamecocks, Gamefowl Supplies, Hens, Other Poultry, Pairs, Pullets, Stags, and Trios.
4. - Other important places of interest concerning gamefowl poultry game birds and cockfighting.
We have a very large gamefowl picture and photo gallery of gamefowl and cockfighting pictures submitted by our users. If your a free registered member or our site you to can upload 2 megs of gamefowl or cockfighting photos to your personal free photo image hosting area given to each user from us. Others may at anytime look at, comment on and even rate your gamefowl or cockfighting photo. We also have an area where users can have there own gamefowl or cockfighting journal. A user can make this private available only for themselves or make it public for others to see, comment on and rate.

There are just to many options available on the gamefowlworld game fowl website to list on this page but here is a short list of a few more of our many hot spots concerning gamefowl, game birds poultry or cockfighting. If needed feel free to look at our gamefowl site map. Gamefowl and poultry downloads sections, Gamefowl event calendar, Add your web site, Our top web sites program, Advertising for gamefowl poultry or cockfighting, surf for cash, Our award winning news topics section the gamefowl cockfighting and poultry supply catalog and weekly surveys


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