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The Old VS New When Feeding Gamefowl For Battle.

The Old VS New When Feeding Gamefowl For Battle.
By Fred Allen (1969)

I would like to say a few words regarding the old and the method of caring for and feeding cocks for battle. Sure, we had some good walks where there wee small farms, but in the western part of our country we had very few walks. Some farm walked cocks were not getting what they really needed to keep them in good health and clean of insects. Some cockers think that a farm walked cock has a big edge over a pen walked cock. Different opinions on any one thing or project makes for better advancements, and this pertains to everything.

If a cock or stag is properly cared for in a pen (I said properly) and has proper condition, he is hard to beat. At any rate, walks are few and far between in these parts. All in all, Texas is a hell of a place to try to keep our sport and hobby alive. We have to go out of the state to fight our cocks. But I am getting off the subject of using old and new methods with game fowl.

Some few cockers are staying close to the old way of doing things. Of course, we in the middle and southwestern states have a chance to obtain some of the best of
scratch material to put in the cock pens so they will work in their pens and become stout and fast in a certain number of days, with the right kind of feed - put them in the cockhouse and work them for one to two weeks - run and fly them 50 or 100 times (the old and new method combined). I remember back in the early twenties, mostly around Bakersfield, California, we had no scratch of any kind ot put in our pens as there was no grain or corn grown. There was plenty of alfalfa but we wouldn't use it for fear they might eat it, so we fought out of dirt pens. Of course we had to give our cocks what exercise we thought they needed, and there is where the different ideas showed up. For my part, I tried to have my cocks near their right weight in pens during fighting season. We used what the feed store had to sell. We had hack fights every two weeks and moved from pasture to pasture to avoid interference. Some of the cockers came from Taft and the oil fields in the area. All were perfect gentlemen who came to fight cocks - no drinking and no rough stuff.

As I remember, most of the gaffs were no more than two inches long. Of course, there were different breeds of cocks but not as high breed cocks as used at the present time. I fought the old time Sledge & Hanna Travelers, rough old roosters. Some of those who attended the meets were Mick Bowers, Dave Hence, Bill Vizzard, McGraw, Everet Snead, Juan Quaid, J.R. Williams, Pate (can't recall his last name), but he was a good scout and a great sport. There were also a blacksmith, a good man and a great cocker. Those were happy years I spent with these gentlemen. I understand that about all of them have pased on. May the Lord take their Souls, they deserve the best!

I am pretty sure that the cockers who uses the latest methods of feeding cocks are winning a large majority of their fights. I am going to mention a couple of incidents that happened. Once upon a time, a good honest man had a top string of cocks. He matched and fought six mains against the very top cockers of the west and he won four of these mains hands-down. Then along came two would-be expert feeders and wanted to feed half of the show for the other two. They used the old T-Model methods so you probably know what happened! The mains were fought for good amounts. No offense intended, but it just goes to prove that you had better have top roosters and the right care and good type of feed and "know-how" to feed it.

I would like to see all modern pits adopt the house rules that are given in the Code Of Honor. I have obe of these books sent to me by the late Walter Kelso in 1955, along with a very nice letter. I think Walter Kelso was a man "to ride the river with" - he and his fowl will never be forgotten.

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Gambling Websites Will Bleed Philippine Cockfighting To Its Death

Gambling Websites Will Bleed Philippine Cockfighting To Its Death
by Rolando S. Luzong

For true blooded
cockers and gamefowl breeders, cockfighting is a sport and industry in the highest order. What we all try to profess is that cockfighting is a sport in which breeding excellence and recognition is the ultimate prize. In spite of these, it is sad to know that some people and entities look at cockfighting as a good opportunity to make a killing and advance their personal financial interests.

They see
cockfighting, not as the sport of honorable men, as we want it to be, but merely a commodity that they can sell or an event that they can make quick money of. In their lust to bleed cold cash out of cockfighting, they actually sacrifices cockfighting itself.

One example is the introduction of
cockfighting in the internet. Nowadays, cockfighting is being used in the same level as other casino games like baccarat, roulette or blackjack to the detriment of the sport.

Currently, there is already a website that offers cockers, especially those overseas, a forum to gamble and bet in cockfighting right at their houses or offices. Players are required to put in money via several payment systems like Western Union, Instadebit, Prepaid ATM or Moneybookers.

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AAHC-PAC To Hold Annual Meeting

AAHC-PAC To Hold Annual Meeting
By Terry H.

AAHC-PAC will hold their yearly meeting and
poultry show this Sat.(Oct.15) in Gatesville, TX. at the Coryell Co. show barn located on hwy 84 east of Gatesville (about 1/2 mile east if hwy 36) on the North side of the road. All fowl have to have their P/T papers and registration will be from 8-10 AM.

Lunch will be served along with the raffle and an auction, if you plan to donate raffle or auction items bring them with you, there will be updates on what is happening in the gamefowl industry on all fronts, hope to see you Saturday!

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Texas Buttermilk Gamefowl Keep

Texas Buttermilk Gamefowl Keep

Cocks have been wormed, deloused and are at about their fighting weight.
2. Work will be 50 runs each morning, leave in pens during day, or sun coop or scratch pen several hours a day.
3. Work at night will be 30 fly's, feed and water.
4. Work will be the same each day up to Friday night before Sunday fight. Start
cocks working very slow, then speed the work up each day.
5. The 5th and 6th day the cocks should be gentle and working very fast.
6. Weigh cocks each day; any cocks that are losing weight give 2 tablespoons buttermilk on night feed grain. One heaping tablespoon grain mix each cock. For cocks gaining weight give two tablespoons tomato juice on night grain.
7. Morning feed will be 2 tablespoons grain mix up to Friday before fight day on Sunday.
8. Five or six days before fight day spar cocks. Set them close, spar briefly;
after sparring, wash cock's head, inside mouth, legs and feet with witch hazel. No work today.
9. If you fight on Sunday, no work Friday night, just feed, water and leave in stalls.
10. During the
keep, feed cocks only what they eat eagerly, rotate cocks to different pens and stalls each day.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Subaru Supports Oregon Humane Society Annual Telethon

Subaru Supports Oregon Humane Society Annual Telethon

CHERRY HILL, N.J., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire

Subaru of America, Inc. today announced that it will support the 2005 Oregon Humane Society (OHS) Annual Telethon for the Animals broadcast live on KOIN News Channel 6, Oct. 8, 2005.
"We are so pleased and excited to be a part of the 6th Annual Telethon for the Animals benefiting the Oregon Humane Society," said Jim Pernas, regional vice president, Subaru Northwest Region, Subaru of America, Inc.
"Subaru has a long history of supporting the organizations that are important to our customers and local community. More than 66 percent of Subaru owners have pet family members and given the fact that our regional headquarters are located right here in Portland, makes this event a perfect match for us." In addition to a major on-air check presentation, Subaru and its Portland area dealers will also serve as donation centers for the fund drive and sponsor the pet travel tip segments that will be part of the Telethon programming.

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