Monday, October 24, 2005

This Weeks Gamefowl Informer

This Weeks Gamefowl Informer

South Sound Animal Rights March and Rally
Each week we give you the link to an animal rights blog that has caught our attention so you can post a message back to the author regarding their view or topic.

This blogger say's 'Quote

Be part of Tacoma’s FIRST animal rights march.Come and show your opposition to animal exploitation. Signs will be provided, but feel free to bring additional signs and banners. Also bring drums, didgeridoos, and other instruments and noisemakers.
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Gamefowl Creator of the Traveler Blues
How are you buddies! I am one of your best friends? I'll give or preferably sell you the shirt off my back. That ace cock from last season is yours if you don't mind his eyes having a pronounced grayish cast; he must have been injured in this last fight. If you believe this, you are less informed and observant than you should be.

Fiery Changes Made In The Short Heel Forum
By request of moderator Irishmuffs. JD sat down and figured out a way to take one lone forum called "Cockfighting Short Heel" and implement some nifty changes to create some 28 separate internal sub forums for better navigation in and around that forum.

Common External Parasites in Poultry: Lice and Mites Parasites can be detected on the external surfaces of the body by way of a thorough physical examination. Periodical examination of the flock can help to detect an early infestation and can help to prevent a larger flock outbreak.

Poultry Diseases - Coccidiosis Coccidiosis is one of the more common and costly diseases in poultry. It is characterized by droopiness, paleness of the comb, diarrhea and occasionally blood in the droppings. The death rate may be quite high, both in chicks and in adults.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Walton Hatch Gamefowl History

The Walton Hatch Gamefowl History

by H Duff

Henry Wortham was working for Jack Walton at the time that Jack decided to sell out. Henry knew Manuel Massey who was feeding for Paul Harvey, a professional wager from Odessa, Texas. Henry asked Manuel to form a plan with him in order to get Paul to buy the fowl. Manuel talked Paul into purchasing 12 cocks from Jack. Henry tied pieces of string on the cages of 12 double barrel aces.

Ehen Paul and Manuel selected the 12 cocks, Manuel picked only the ones with strings on their cages that Henry planted.

This was unknown to both Jack Walton and Paul Harvey.

After the 12 cocks were selected by Manuel, Jack told Paul that he didn't know about his feeding ability but he selected the 12 best cocks he owned, besides the brood cocks! Manuel got he cocks ready for the Sunset tournament. They won easily. Paul Harvey and Manuel won several other big tournaments shortly thereafter. This made Paul and Massey the top cock fighter that year.

This all happened in 1952. The wins convinced Paul to purchase the rest of Jack Walton's fowl. Paul paid Jack the sum of $20,000.Paul Harvey hired professional union carpenters to build pens for the fowl. Carpenters worked around the clock getting the pens on Paul's estate ready.

When the pens were completed, Paul and Massey drove to Dallas with boxes for the cocks and u-haul trailers for the hens and little ones.

During this time Henry was selling to others some good Walton Hatch to others unknown to Paul. I had heard that some of these cockfighters were Clarence Stewart, Ray Hoskins, Richard Bates, and the Everette brothers of Hood County red fame. Harold Wells ended up with the "Bone Crusher" cock that was one of the original 12 cocks. Harold started a family of Bone Crushers that became a major force at the Jal, NM pit ran by Tommy Booth.

Over a period of 20 to 30 years. Paul Harvey sold many Walton Hatch. At the time he decided to sell all of the Walton Fowl. Bill Patterson bought the best of what he had left. Bill still raises and fights the Walton Hatch fowl. I have also had a few of this splendid old time , hard hitting, never quit, bone crushing fowl.

The Walton hatch if inbred over a long period of time will come spangle with pea colored legs, red eyes, and large bones. Their temperament is nasty. The Waltons will put gameness and hitting power into any breed. Also they will add bone size if your breed is coming small.

To finish the story Paul Harvey bought the Percy Flowers blue face bloodline and continued to win derbies until his death. Bill Lisenbee purchased the remaining Blueface fowl at Paul's death. If you ever owned a Walton Hatch you will never stop breeding a few because of their gameness and tremendous power.

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