Monday, March 20, 2006

Gamefowl Poultry Nutrition

"N" Is For Nutrition In Gamefowl

Submitted by Sawman

Grit and Steel 1974

By: Dr. Mickey hall, Clemson University
What is game bird nutrition? When we have to consider the environment the bird is in, the bird itself as well as the effect the combination the environment plus bird will leave, Environment - Bird - Environment The purpose of nutrition is to provide nutrients for functional needs. So the nutrients for game birds will be different than that of a laying hen. Consideration for the welfare of that animal while in captivity along with the breeding must be dealt with when providing the proper nutrients. Remember that half the breeding goes down the throat.

What are the best concepts of Nutrition? We feed birds to meet nutrient requirements NOT certain ingredients. Therefore, we must select ingredients based on particular properties. Ingredients are combined to balance nutrients to maintain a specific bird for a specific purpose. Nutrients are for maintenance plus performance of the bird. What are nutrients? Simply elements or compounds that are essential for life. Nutrients can act independently when put in a diet. Nutrients can even have an antagonistic or toxic effect. What are some common nutrients?

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