Sunday, April 02, 2006

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Jake ask:

Velcro History?

Does anyone know the make-up of the Velcro's? (dark and red) If this has been answered already I missed it. Sorry.

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JDMcCoy writes:

History of the Warhorse Gamefowl

The Warhorse Gamefowl History

by Dal Johnson (1917)

Fashion is a eccentric in the course it takes and goes chasing through a labyrinth of paths most unheard of and ridiculous, but once steadied and on the serving back to reason ever turns first to some past object of popular and meritorious favoritism, hence it is not surprising that the fancy of game chicken men is turning just now to the two greatest families if fighting fowl ever sent to America from the British Isles. Manifestly the reference is to the Whitehackles of North Briton and the Stone Irish or Warhorses of Ireland.

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Roosterhatch ask:

Your Wish Trio?

For those who are thinking or need to upgrade their breeding or cocking, which trio of the top breeders or not so top breeders do you wish to have and breed?

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Irishmuffs ask:

Long Heel Verses Short Heel

Well a few of you know I fight the one and a quarter inch gaff. I also believe that the short heel bird will beat a long heel bird in the gaff fight. What do you guys think ? Will you provide reasons with your answers?

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Roosterhatch ask:

Black fowls inferior?

Black are genetically inferior fowls compared to bright colored like the reds. They are supposed to be bright colored fowls but due to a freak of nature lack the pigmentation that normal birds have. They should have been culled at the start if the purpose of breeding was to improved the bloodline. What do you think?

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dragonslayer ask:

Soaked Oats?

Does anyone feed soaked oats in their keeps and if so why and how do you soak them? In what, how long before you feed them, etc.

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